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Evolving, Expanding & Hiring!

By Sahana Murthy on March 31, 2021 · Announcements


Spring is here and vaccines are rolling out. This note is in a similar spirit of new beginnings, optimism, and enthusiasm for the future.


We are evolving.

The Loveland team has grown quite a bit over the last couple of years. We’ve evolved from a small shop based in Detroit to a leading nationwide property information provider with a talented team spread across the country and an awesome roster of customers who love our data and our service.

This summer we’re going to be making some big announcements, including a new brand name that will replace the Landgrid brand, and new nationwide datasets that compliment our parcel dataset.

Loveland Technologies will remain the parent brand and company, but we’re going to roll all of our services and communications into the new brand to focus on making it a household name. Loveland’s relationship to the new brand will be sort of like Alphabet’s relationship to Google — present, but mostly in the background.


What does this mean for our products & customers?

Nothing will change from a customer perspective except for access to new data and new services beyond what we already provide.

While parcel data remains our core, we are expanding beyond just land information into other kinds of property, boundary, and spatial information, which means more data options for you this year.

Announcement of the new brand and services will happen this summer. 


We are hiring!

As you can tell from our recent announcements, we are constantly innovating and growing, which requires bringing more top talent onto the team. We are on the hunt for passionate & experienced individuals who will help us grow even further, service our customers even better, and execute on our exciting product roadmap.

If you have experience scaling high traffic software platforms and/or managing and automating large-scale datasets, send us a note and let’s talk. And stay tuned with our communications on our blog and social media, we will be releasing a series of job openings shortly.


Webinar & Customer Love

Wrapping up this note with an exciting webinar coming up soon on our recently launched standardized land use codes!  Don’t forget to save your spot to join us live - 


These webinars give you a chance to hear from, meet, and interact with the team.

You can find our recorded webinars at 


And lastly, when we say our customers love us, here’s some customer love about our parcel data from Transect LLC. We appreciate it and work hard for you: 

More updates on product & job openings coming soon.

Happy Spring Y'all.


Happy Mapping!

Team Loveland